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Buderim Ginger

Buderim Ginger BioActive Ginger+ Shots 350ml

Buderim Ginger BioActive Ginger+ Shots 350ml

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350mL (7 x 50ml shots)

Discover the remarkable therapeutic benefits of Ginger with this daily 50mL shot.

Buderim’s BioActive Ginger+ range contains the most important natural ingredient found in Ginger, 6-Gingerol. Clinically proven to assist in effectively relieving nausea. The BioActive Ginger+ range complements 6-Gingerol with Vitamins B6, C, Postbiotic type probiotics as the ultimate natural solution to feel better & boost your gut and immune health.

BIOACTIVE: equivalent to 1105mg Zingiber officinale (ginger root) per SHOT.
NAUSEA: guaranteed levels of gingerols & shogaols, the most effective way to relieve nausea.
GUT HEALTH: postbiotics for gut and immunity.
IMMUNE HEALTH: added vitamin B6 and vitamin C to contribute to normal immune system function.
EASY: simply take straight up or with a dash of (warm) water to soothe the stomach.
CONVENIENT: 1-week supply for ongoing gut and immune health maintenance.
AUSTRALIAN: made with Australian ginger juice, lemon juice and Australian postbiotic type probiotics
Effective. Proven. Natural. Relief.
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